Enjoying The Countryside

Enjoying The Countryside

As farmers, we have the privilege of enjoying the countryside everyday, and we want you to enjoy it to!Ā 

However please remember these 3 important things whilst doing so:

  • Please stick to public footpaths and bridlepaths. Fields with no livestock in may not look like they are being used for anything important, but they will be growing crops, growing grass for hay or silage, in environmental schemes or simply waiting for livestock to move onto them. They are an important part of a farmers business, so please please stick to the path!
  • Keep your dog on a lead around livestoc, and be aware of livestock in adjoining fields. At this time of year sheep are either pregnant or have lambs at foot, and loose dogs can cause injury and distress to them. The most trustworthy of dogs have been known to chase livestock, and you cannot know how your dog will behave in different situations.
  • Pick up dog poo! Not only does it make a walk unpleasant for everyone else, it can cause serious issues for livestock. Dog faeces can cause death and abortion in sheep and cattle, so please be mindful when out with your pooches! Please also remember that just because livestock isnt in the field currently, they may be moving there shortly.

Please lets be mindful of farm businesses and the public who also want to enjoy the great outdoors!

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